MANO YA has created handmade chairs, tables, stools and trays for n/naka restaurant. The high level of consideration for function, material, execution, and specificity reflect the multifaceted consideration found in the work and vision of Niki Nakayama.

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Martha Gonzalez is a singer, songwriter and percussionist for the Grammy Award
winning East Los Angeles band, Quetzal. In 2012, Quetzal and fellow artist/activist
Nobuko Miyamoto collaborated to produce FandangObon, an annual festival in Los
Angeles that brings together the Japanese, Mexican and African-American communities
to share participatory music and dance traditions in order to celebrate Mother Earth.
MANO YA was extremely pleased and humbled to create a special tarima for Martha and
Quetzal on the occasion of FandangObon 2017, held in the Isamu Noguchi Plaza at the
Japanese American Cultural and Community Center.


Little Tokyo Mini Open at Noguchi Plaza.
Every hole was created by a local artist paying tribute to the past, present, and future of our 134 year old Japanese American community. We designed Noguchi’s Mulligan (holes 7 and 8) to pay tribute to Isamu Noguchi’s unfulfilled concepts for improving conditions at Poston concentration camp, which included a community center, baseball fields, a woodshop and even a miniature golf course.


Made to accompany the publication of You and I See Why by Zen Sekizawa, Hesse Press 2015, a book of photographs based on Sekizawa’s notes to self from 2009-2014.
The bookends are made up of Black palm wood and silk screened glass. The images printed onto the glass were taken from Sekizawa’s own catalogue of pictures from
the 1992 Los Angeles Uprising. The markings on the glass reference formal devices found within the pages of You and I See Why and the painting practice of Mario Correa.

Hollywood, 1992

Hollywood, 1992

Bancroft Junior High Yearbook 1988

Bancroft Junior High Yearbook 1988

Untitled (White Painted Frame) 2011 Enamel on Glass and Wood

Untitled (White Painted Frame) 2011
Enamel on Glass and Wood

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